CooperVision Proclear Toric XR 6pk




6-month Supply = 2 boxes (1 box per eye)
Annual Supply = 4 boxes (2 boxes per eye)

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This advanced version of Proclear Toric by CooperVision is highly comfortable and easy to use. It offers an exceptional level of comfort and the PC technology contains molecules of phosphorylcholine that keep the Proclear Toric lens moist even after 12 hours to wear. People with a high level of astigmatism can enjoy the benefits of Proclear Toric with XR (extended) range of powers. Designed to stay hydrated, wearers will not feel hydrated when they wear it. These XR contact lenses by CooperVision can be worn up to 30 days. However, you need to get it removed, cleaned, and stored overnight after daily use.

Additional information

Manufacturer: CooperVision
Material: 38% Omafilcon B
62% of water content
Lens per box- 6

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