CooperVision Avaira Vitality 6pk




6-month Supply = 4 boxes (2 boxes per eye)
Annual Supply = 8 boxes (4 boxes per eye)

You’re saving 5% off every future shipment.

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These comfortable contact lenses by Avaira Vitality ™ offer vision and comfort to the eyes with less dryness. Made using a unique material and Class 1 UV protection, these contact lenses block more than 90% harmful UVA and 99% UVB rays. These 2- week replacement contact lenses feature the latest 3rd generation silicone hydrogel contact lens material. The high levels of oxygen flow through the lenses promote a healthier, lens-wearing experience that allows your eyes to stay white and clear.

Additional information

Manufacturer: CooperVision
Lens type: 1-2 week disposable Soft contact lenses
Lens Material: Fanfilcon A 45%
55 % of water content
Lenses per box: 6

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