How to read your contact lens prescription?

Written Prescription for Brand Manufacturer

1. Brand (Manufacturer)

2. Lens Type (Series)

3. Base Curve (BC)

Written Prescription with Diameter, Sphere and Cylinder

4. Diameter (DIA)

5. Sphere

6. Cylinder (CYL)

Written Prescription with Axis, Add and Expiration Date

7. Axis

8. Add

9. Expiration date

Frequently Asked Questions

Please call us or chat with us online. We’ll help you with your expired prescription.

You can check your prescription details on the side of your lens box. In case you’ve lost your box or unable to locate it, our eye care provider will help you to get a prescription copy.

The short answer is ‘yes.’ The brand is an essential part of the prescription and you have to order according to the doctor’s prescription. If you are seeking a comfortable lens, brands play a major role. As each brand is different from the other, it is important to choose a brand according to your age and condition.

Not really! But if you want to send it you can, as it will help us ship your order quickly. But actually, it isn’t required. To make it easy for you, we will take care of verifying your prescription with your eye doctor.

If you need toric lenses for astigmatism, your prescription should include values for Axis and Cylinder (CYL). The cylinder is negative in number and increases in 0.25 measures. It refers to the extra visual requirements and the amount of astigmatism.

An additional figure is the amount of correction required in the People who suffer from presbyopia and have difficulty seeing clearly at a nearby distance. It is a positive number range between 0.50 and 3.00. In some brands, you can see this figure in low, medium and high.

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